Jolax Awning Carpet

The Danish Awning Carpet directly from the factory in Denmark. The carpet is available in two designs. Click on the picture underneath to choose the color on your carpet.

BlåBlåTern og langstribet. Diskret i udtrykket og det melerede udseende gør at smuds og skidt ikke er iøjnefaldende.GråGråVores bedst sælgende tæppe. Stilren og matcher mange af campingbranchens farver. Elegant og langstribet design.
250250 cm280280 cm300300 cm350350 cm



    • The Jolax awning carpet is available in 2 designs to match awnings and caravans.
    • The carpet is made of a breathable material, allowing air to the grass beneath, as well as letting water and sand disappear through the carpet.
    • The price is 8,80 € per square meter.
    • A Jolax Awning Carpet is also great for covered patios and under fixed awnings.
    • The woven structure of a Jolax Awning Carpet allows you to drive steel stakes through it without destroying the carpet.
    • For purchases of carpets 3 metres or longer, a free storage bag and 2 mats are also included.
    • The material is 100% polypropylene and PVC-free.
    • A Jolax carpet for your awning lies flat, making it the perfect choice for any camping holiday.
    • By Jolax Awning Carpets directly from the factory in Herning, Denmark. The only Danish-made awning carpet on the market.

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What measures for your awning carpet?

The standard widths are 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 meter. The anthracite grey mat is also available with a width of 2.8 metres. You can choose the length yourself. This is generally determined by the length of your camper van, tent or awning. Find your carpet for the awning here and enjoy a brand new camping experience. 


A-measure Length (m)
675 – 725 3,5
750 – 775 4
800 – 825 4,5
850 – 875 5
900 – 940 5,5
950 – 990 6
1000 – 1025 6,5
1050 – 1075 7
1100 – 1125 7,5
1150 – 1175 8
1200 – 1225 8,5

The table is guiding. The measures can variate due to caravanmodel and awning. We recommend measuring the length for the carpet, when the awning is on a flat surface.

Additional information


Blå, Grå

Carpet width

250 cm, 280 cm, 300 cm, 350 cm