Jolax Awning Carpet

The Danish Carpet for the caravan awning directly from the factory in Denmark.

The carpet is available in two designs. Choose the color and width on your carpet. Then you can decide the lenght on the carpet to match your caravan awning.

  • Free freight on purchases above 150 EUR within EU
  • On purchases below 150 EUR the shipping fee is 11.80 EUR
  • Delivery 3-5 working days



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      • Made in Denmark
      • Two different colors
      • Is manufactured in 3-4 different widths. The lenght is cut after your wish
      • 100% Polypropylene and therefor free from PVC and other unnecessary additives.
      • Strong material, UV-stabilized and won't rot
      • Free delivery in EU for purchases above 150 EUR. The carpet is shipped directly from the factory in Denmark
      • For carpets above 3 meters, a exclusive storage bag and 2 mats are also included
      • Breathable - The grass beneath gets air, and water and sand disappear through the carpet
      • Easy to clean, machine washable at 40 degrees
      • The woven structure allows use of steel stakes without destroying the carpet
      • Soft - Perfect for bare feet
      • Lays down nicely flat on the ground each time
      • Perfect for many purposes, e.g. awnings and terraces
      • Weight approx. 500 gram pr. m²

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Not sure which color to choose?


Order carpet sample

What measures for your awning carpet?

The standard widths are 2.5, 2,.8 (Only antracite grey), 3.0 and 3.5 meter. This equates to the depth of your awning.
You can choose the length yourself. This is generally determined by the length of your awning.  

You can also use the A-measure on your caravan to decide the lenght.
The A-measure is the distance from the ground up and all the way around your caravan's awning rail and back to the ground (approx. 30 cm to the side).

The table is a guideline. The measures can variate due to caravanmodel and awning. We recommend measuring the length for the carpet, when the awning is on a flat surface

Carpet for the caravan awning in high Danish quality


Are you looking for a carpet specially made for camping use?

Camping life or outdoor life requires good equipment in high quality. A Jolax carpet for the awning is specially produced to withstand all weather conditions.It’s UV-stabilized, so the carpet won’t be bleached or weakened by the sun. The outdoor mat is also resistant to pouring rain and won’t rot or get attacked by mold.

The Jolax carpet is developed and produced at our own factory in Denmark. That’s your guarantee for a high-quality product.


Specially developed yarn for camping use


The yarn used in Jolax carpets is specially developed in cooperation with a German yarn manufacturer after our requirements. The result is a thicker yarn than used in other caravan carpets. This results in a high durable quality which withstands outdoor use in many seasons. Furthermore, the yarn has also been twisted to create a comfortable awning carpet for bare feet.
This recipe is unique and only available in Jolax carpets.

Awning mat for the caravan in special measures


Campers, caravans, and awnings are never the same. That’s the reason why Jolax carpets are never produced in standard measures. We offer our camping carpets in a selection of widths. The length is cut by your wish to meet your requirements.
The outdoor carpet is produced in two different colors and the following depths:
  • Carpet for the awning 2,5 m
  • Carpet for the awning 2,8 m (only available in anthracite grey)
  • Carpet for the awning 3,0 m
  • Carpet for the awning 3,5 m
We cut the length after order entry to avoid unnecessary waste.
If you have any doubts in which size to choose, please contact us and we will guide you.

A soft and easy-to-clean camping mat


With a Jolax camping carpet you get a comfortable carpet for bare feed made in highly durable materials. The woven structure allows grass to breath beneath the carpet. The mat for awning is easy to clean, regardless of sweeping with a broom, washing it with water and soap or putting it in the washing machine at 40 degrees.
Our carpet for camping use is easy to maintain. It stays neat through many seasons and the lightweight material makes it easy to transport. When you order a carpet above the length of 3 meters a practical storage bag and two camping rugs in same quality as the carpet is included for free. Perfect in the entrance or to put dirty shoes on.

Purchase Jolax carpet for the awning online

With a Jolax caravan awning carpet it’s easy to go camping whenever you feel in the mood. The durable material in the mat makes it perfect for year-round camping use regardless weather conditions. The outdoor mat can be used for many purposes, e.g., for the caravan awning, porch awning, camper van, motorhome, tent, camping trailer or trailer tent. It can also be used for other purposes than camping, e.g., on the outside terrace, balcony, or conservatory.
Our camping carpets are produced with 100% polypropylene yarn, which brings several benefits. It’s all free from unnecessary additives and the toxic PVC, which is normally used in producing carpets for camping use. Furthermore, the yarn is highly durable and therefore a perfect fit for camping use through many seasons.
If you have any doubts, you can always order a carpet sample. We will send you a sample in both colors so you can feel the quality and decide which color matches your camping equipment the best.
You are always welcome to contact us on phone or e-mail if you have any questions.