Privacy Policy


At Jolax Camping Carpets we priorities data security. Your personal information is always treated after the current regulations.

Personal data is collected when you request an offer, calculated estimated or otherwise where personal information is entered. We use this information to get in touch with you regarding your order. We also automatically use collected information in the form of IP-Adress to find out where the users come from and what pages the user finds interesting. This is common data for our website to work. The personal information in form of telephone number, mail, address name and the like gives you explicit consent for us to use.

Information such as IP Address is permanently deleted by our site. The e-mail address is stored on our mail-system to easily get in touch with you.

Data is tracked by Google and Facebook and is not stored on our servers. All information is kept for the period permitted by law. We naturally delete content that is no longer usable/outdated. Different types of information and data have different time frames for storage.

The purpose of this information is to identify you as an user and provide the best content and provide you with the services you request. We also use the information to make our own content better and more user-friendly.

This website is owned and hosted by:

Herning Special Væveri A/S
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CVR-nummer: 10309948
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In case of doubt, please contact us. You are entitled to know exactly what personal information we treat about you. It is also possible to correct or delete erroneous information.